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I'm Alex McDonough

ISSA-CFT / CanFit-Pro

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I am a graduate of the Georgian College Civil Engineering Program, who turned to Physique Engineering. After spending half a decade learning the ins and outs of nutrition, how to optimize movement to enhance muscle building AND quality of life, and coaching myself to multiple first place victories (and a Pro Card win), I set my sights on helping others achieve the bodies - and lives - of their dreams.

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Alex McDonough, ISSA-CFT / CanFit-Pro

Barrie, Ontario

3x Natural Bodybuilding Champ

Born: 1991

I adapt YOUR specific training and nutritional needs to YOUR situation and lifestyle to achieve success, taking into account YOUR age and experience(check out this amazing couple's achievement, for example - they're almost 50!! ). By optimizing WHAT you eat, WHEN, and HOW you train, while keeping YOUR preferences (and goals) at the top of my priorities, success is guaranteed - and RES​ULTS ARE TYPICAL!

Professional references

What They Say About Me

Rob Karpathios- Personal Trainer

"Not only do I consult Alex for personal nutrition advice, but I also refer my own clients to him for show prep. His endless pursuit for self education and relentless drive to become the best he can be shows in the transformations he consistently produces with his clients.."

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Frank Astri - Chiropractor

I have worked with Alex over the past two years.  In my 17 years of practice, I have not met or worked with anyone in the fitness industry who is as thirsty for knowledge or as hard working.  Alex’s knowledge of nutrition, program development, and functional movement is second to none.  If you are looking for a knowledgeable fitness professional to achieve your fitness goals.  Look no further.  Alex McDonough at MCD Fitness is your guy.  

Frank Astri BSc., DC, FCCPOR, RAc. RCCSS(C) resident

Spencer - MCDFitness - Personal Training in Barrie

Spencer Lalonde - Submission Arts Academy (Owner)

"This guy is one of the best personal trainers in Barrie. His passion is infectious to all his clients. Anyone getting the opportunity to work with Alex will not he disappointed."

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Raphael Soares - Physiotherapist

Alex is an advocate for quality in sports medicine care and advanced research. The key element of his successful career is the ability of investigating relevant scientific updates and prompt implementation of novel approaches. Ultimately, Alex designs and delivers unique training strategies that meet the needs of individuals with high physical demands.

(Raphael Soares, Registered Senior Physiotherapist in Ontario-Canada)

Work Experience, Credentials & Qualifications


Personal Trainer 


I provide customized training and nutrition programs and recommendations to match YOUR lifestyle and schedule. Incorporating methods backed by science and years of success, RESULTS ARE TYPICAL!

As a client of McD Fitness, you will receive completely personalized step by step guidance, weekly check ins, and individualized training and nutrition programs to keep you moving towards your goals at a pace that is comfortable for you.

2015 - PRESENT



This in depth guided-study program highlighted practical skills like: Components of Anatomy and Muscle Structure, How muscles control human movement, How to Assess Client Health and Exercise Needs, Specific Program Design, Nutrition Coaching and Senior and Youth training.


Ultimate Fitness Events

Mens Open Bodybuilding

In the earlier stages of my career, I embarked on my first "contest prep'.  It lasted 10 grueling weeks and lead me to my first 1st place victory.

I had picked a very large, popular show as my first event.  I am happy to say took the overall title and earned a spot as a UFE Pro bodybuilder.

Come Join Me At My Home Gym, The Barrie Athletic Club,
Conveniently Located In South Barrie.

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Please feel free to contact me with any questions about how I can help you achieve your fitness goals..


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