How to Meal Prep - Learn how to Dial in your Fat Loss

How to Meal Prep
(18 meals in 57 minutes)

Dial in your Fat Loss with the perfect Meal Prep

Dial in your fat loss results with a quick and easy meal prep. I’m going to help you conquer the nutrition piece of the battle with an efficient solution that you can implement any time you need it. In under 60 minutes of your time, you can take a huge step towards achieving your goals.

Right now, you might be making ‘healthy’ choices, but in order to be successful with your body transformation goals, you need to start eating smarter - this requires a plan.

Eating smart involves consuming adequate protein to allow muscle growth, and prevent muscle loss.

Likewise, eating smart means eating enough carbs and fat to fuel your awesome workouts, and lose fat, so that you can be the strongest, sexiest version of YOU.

Also, eating smart means being realistic with your food choices, because there is absolutely NO REASON you have to hate your diet. Keep reading to find out how to make this happen.

Our meal prep is going to be flavorful, enjoyable, and most importantly - it’s going to help you check all of the boxes necessary to ensure that you stay on track with your goals, whether you are cutting, bulking, or just looking to maintain the physique you have right now.

We don't have time to stress about food. We've got work to do.


Achieving results can be tough. On average, we make tens of thousands of decisions every day, and this can wear down your mind. This phenomenon is known as ‘decision fatigue’. By making only a few simple choices at the beginning of the week, we can eliminate this unnecessary fatigue from our life, helping to keep ourselves accountable (when we start to feel our bellies rumble). Deciding what you will eat beforehand is crucial to success with your diet. This meal plan will be simple, and is easily customized based entirely on your likes and dislikes. (If you need some fresh meal prep ideas, or want to know how much you should be eating click here)


Protein is not only essential for muscle gain, but especially for muscle retention when trying to shed fat. To find out how much you need per day, or even per meal, click here.

For a fairly large prep we will use:

  • 2lbs (900g) lean ground beef (take into account that leaner, higher quality meat will lose less weight when cooking)
  • 2lbs (900g) boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 4-5 fish fillets (we chose salmon, for our prep)

next: The Carbs

Carbs seem to have gained a bad rep lately, and I'm here to tell you that they can have an incredibly important role in your diet.

We will be fueling our workouts with the following carb sources:

  • 2.5lbs (1kg) potatoes (we chose Nutrafarms pre diced, flash frozen sweet potato chunks, however yellow potatoes would work as well as they do not need to be peeled before baking, boiling, etc)
  • 2 cups rice (dry measure)
  • 400g frozen corn
  • 1.5-2kg any vegetables you enjoy (broccoli and brussel sprouts were our choice, covering some of our fiber goal as well)

Finally: Fats

Dietary Fat plays many vital roles in the body, and the foods we have chosen contain a good portion of our daily fat needs. Our grass fed beefwild caught salmon, and pasture raised chicken (provided by our friends at Nutrafarms Inc.) contain many of the essential fats we need to consume.

The foundation of your diet

The meals we are preparing are meant to be the foundation of our weekly diet. We should end up with enough food for 2-3 meals per day, for the week. These meals will cover most of our Protein, Carb, and Fat Goals, and allow us to stay on track with our overall Calorie Target.

Snacks like protein shakes with fruit, yogurt or cottage cheese with berries, and eggs with toast or an apple, etc, are all great ideas to satisfy the rest of your daily nutrient needs. Find out exactly how to portion your meals by clicking here.


  1. Preheat oven to 375.
  2. Place chicken breasts on a baking sheet or in a casserole dish, season as desired (we LOVE montreal chicken spice or garlic plus seasoning).
  3. Next, place the salmon (or other fish) on a non stick or oiled baking sheet, season as desired.
  4. Toss diced potatoes in a bowl, with 1-2 tbsp olive oil and salt, pepper, and/or garlic plus. Place on a baking sheet.
  5. Then, place chicken and potatoes in the oven at the same time, with a timer set for 25 minutes (this may vary slightly depending on your range / preferences).
  6. Put rice on to boil (we recommend a rice maker - they are a game changer)
  7. Brown the ground beef in a pan. When the beef is browned, add recommended amount of liquid, and taco seasoning, mix well and allow to simmer for a short period of time.
  8. When first timer goes off, place fish in the oven, and set your timer for 12-15 minutes.
  9. We're almost there. When final timer goes off, the chicken, beef, potatoes, rice, and fish will all be ready at once! We chose to put our green vegetables and corn into our meals frozen, as heating in the microwave later will cook it as needed. If you prefer softer veggies, microwave steamer bags are an option to achieve your desired texture. Blanching works great as well.
  10. The final step involves portioning the food. We recommend to re-weigh the food after it is cooked, and divide it evenly into desired portions. Don't forget to send me a message if you need to know how much food you should be eating.

 Here are our pairings from these items:

Taco Beef + Rice (x6)

Chicken + Potatoes + Brussel Sprouts (x6)

Fish + Broccoli (x6)


As I mentioned, this meal prep structure can be extremely versatile. With a few simple modifications, you could prepare meals when needing to lose weight, gain muscle, adhere to a keto diet, etc. Proteins and carbs could also all be cooked on the BBQ, if grilling is your thing.

Chef D and Nutrafarms Inc also have some great meal prep options, check them out HERE.

Happy Eating!

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